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I’m all about the quickies these days, heh.

Aaaaaaaaaah, I so wish I had the time, I have so much to talk about. Starting to sound like a broken record Joy! I’m sure that everyone has just written me off, because I’m never around anymore, so this post is probably pointless.

Took a peak at my friends list and everyone seems to be doing the six favorite current song thingie, so since this is a quickie... I’ll just consider myself tagged, since no one tagged me, ya fuckers ;)

1. Hi-Speed Soul ~ Nada Surf
2. Suburb Thuggin ~ El Pus
3. Violent Pornography ~ System of a Down
4. Die on a Rope ~ The Distillers
5. In a Jar ~ Dinosaur Jr.
6. Feel Good Inc. ~ Gorillaz

Everyone else has done it, so I guess I’m “it” forever. But if someone randomly comes across this, go for it dude.

I miss you guys!!!!!!! *big hugz*
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