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Sadly amusing

This was on my main page as I signed on this morning, felt like sharing.

It is kinda funny. I guess it’s the least they could do while you’re getting robbed at the pump. All you can do is laugh or cry about the gas prices now... Last week I pumped gas and it was 3.15 a gallon, about 50 bucks to fill er up, I honestly felt like crying. And I know that isn’t the worst price, but still. But one of the perks of working for my grandfather is that I don’t have to pay for my gas, yet, I’m just waiting for him to cut me off. And if I have to start paying for it... I’m never leaving the house, ever!

I’ve been thinking about getting a hybrid car, but two things: price and availability, boo! All because my car is an evil gas guzzling SUV whore!

Off to work now.
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