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What the hell, why is my LJ all messed up? I see that on the main page others are having the same problem, yet the people who run things are saying nothing. Thanks team LJ, thanks for keeping us in the dark. I want all my pretty stuff back, damn you! *shakes fist*

So my new nephew Lucas is doing ok now. The Jaundice was caused by his blood mixing with my sister blood, which aren’t the same. Or something to that effect, I don’t really know... I’m just glad he’s home and that he’s doing well *insert big sigh of relief here*

Went and had brunch with Kaylin today. The poor thing she hasn’t had a day off in forever, she’s a tax preparer and its tax season, can you say stress? I had a really good time, I miss hanging out with her :(

Nothing to exciting, but overall it was a good day. So I guess that’s pretty much it for now. I think I’m doing a swell job with the whole updating more thing, kudos to me.
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Messed up how?

I'm so glad that Lucas is doing ok. That had to be stressful. At least now he's home and healthy.

Kudos to Joy!!! You'll get even more kudos if you keep updating. :p
Good to here your nephew is okay :)

Pics woman! PICS!
I'm glad your nephew is ok. I heard that jaundice is not uncommon in the first couple of days. My nephew was a little yellow at first...;)
now he's 15 and 6 feet tall. :D
Thanks Claudia <3
Wow, that's one big kid, I hope my nephew turns out just as well :)
a hug and a prayer for him from me, then.