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Clean slate!

Ok ok... I’ve been bad. I’ve been completely neglecting my eljay and my friends this past year, and... I officially suck! I hate the fact that I only showed up to say sorry for not being here, it’s a really shitty thing to do, and I’m truly sorry. I hope you all can forgive me for being a dick and that we’re all still friends.

My new year’s resolution was to get back into my emo blogging ways. It’s the only resolution I made this year, and I intend to keep it. So I’m hoping for a clean slate and the ability to make things right this year.
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You're lucky that they didn't come and take your LJ away due to neglect...and send it to the Home for abused LJs. ;P

Bring on the emo, I say!
Funny, i was just thinking of removing you from my FL today...
HEy! Welcome back.
No worries. We're all still here, and I know how hectic life gets.
Yay for emo blonging!!!
*dubious look*



Just kidding...You are missed, and RLS are a good excuse for missing posts...:lol: