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Random eljay moment

I’m really not feeling this right now, but I’m here so here we go. Still working on my old drama post and the Vegas one, so until then your stuck with this crap, enjoy.

I finally joined the other side, I broke down and got myself digital camera. It’s not the best one out there, you don’t get much for $150 these days, but it’ll do for now. So I’m one of “them” now *lol* I like digital, but I love film, I guess I’m just ol’ school. So seeing as I have a digital now, you’ll be seeing more pics, I don’t know if that’s such a good thing.

4th of July
Was pretty nice, I actually got to stay home this year, at my request. Did the whole BBQ thing with the family and Kaylin and Angie came over. I surprisingly had a really good time, considering I was the one who had to organize this gathering. We had so many fireworks, at the end of the night it just looked like a cardboard graveyard, it was a blast. And living out in the country really paid off, being pitch black we could see all the fireworks from the surrounding areas. Good times.



shakie shakie

Shaking your camera in frustration can have its benefits. Although this format really doesn’t these pics justice, I think they're still pretty neat.

How sad, I had to look up how to do an eljay cut *hangs head*
Ok so that’s it for now, later!

I’m about to get retarded so stop reading now, seriously!
*eeeee* Mike Vallely is my new crush, and he’s gonna be on Viva La Bam tonight, I’m super duper excited. I heart Mike V, he’s so hot and he’s truly an amazing human being. And in the skateboard community, no one is gnarlier than that guy! I can’t wait to see him *eeeeee*
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