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This Journal is now Friends Only

Friends Only.  Comment to be added, I just might add you back.

The dreaded friends only banner...
Don’t let it scare you away, I love new people!
If you like what you see here, just comment to be added :)
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Any reason or just an excuse to show off that snazzy Friends Only banner? ;)
Hee, it is purdy ;) Yeah, I do have a reason, quite a few actually. I guess the short answer to that question would be “paranoia” *lol*
Well, I hope I'm added. If not you'll be hearing from me. :)
Of course you are, you’re definitely a keeper Anna! :)
Ooh, ooh...add me!!! You better, or I'll hunt you down...
Is that a promise ;) I’d never ever get rid of you Jen, your like the bestest person ever!
It's Nat from FF (DJPuReMaGiC, ex punchywaterfall) (see, i don't want to scare you away hahaha)! Add meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I wanna read your life, cuz mine is so boring!
Miss you!!!
OMG Nath!!! *flying tackle hugz*
Where have you been, I’ve missed ya!

Got yourself a new LJ huh, I’m not even gonna ask why *lol*
I will most definitely add you hun!
HEEEEEEEE!!!!! I've missed you toooo!
Been busy with school...kept me away from the comp *sighs*
Got myself a new LJ cuz I haven't uploaded for a year, and I want a fresh start wheeeee :D
Misssss you *HUGS*